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Education Training Center, Kavreplonchok, State Government, State No. 3 is the apex body for the educational quality of school education. Training, research, interaction, monitoring, posting, continuous learning, and evaluation should be made for contemporary and quality school education. In order to fulfill these objectives, a joint effort of parents, teachers, students, and the state is required. Assistant to the advice of direct government directives of the State Government, Social Development and Education, Science and Technology, this training center has provided teacher training, service training of employees of education sector, educational research, school education reform, Leadership capacity plays an important role in stepping forward and promoting quality education management, according to the changing educational responsibility of the state government, by conducting contemporary rehabilitation training programs related to development training and education. Education training center, Kavreplonchok, teacher training for the teachers from secondary level to childhood from State level 3, EGRP for reading skills. Service training has been conducting training for the staff and education sector employees. This center is committed to ensuring quality education for building the basis of the prosperity of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The activities of the Education Training Center are included in the present education news. So the expectation and relevance of its contents are expected to improve the weaknesses and the suggestions and suggestions of the reader class will be important to improve the weaknesses.

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